XDS Connect

Bringing your ERP to the Cloud, XDS Connect allows you to securely connect to and manage your system.

Remote Access

XDS Connect allows you to remotely connect to your ERP system using only your web browser or even from your smart phone for only $6.95/mo per user.

If you close your browser or lose your Internet connection, all your terminal sessions will continue to run in the background until you return!

No need for port forwards, VPN configuration, or terminal emulators – it just works!


XDS Connect leverages the same secure connections used in our Cloud Backup solution to ensure the secrecy of your credentials and login sessions.

Mutliple team members? No need for password sharing, you can give each team member access to only the machines and accounts that they need to do their job.

When a team member no longer needs access, simply revoke it, rather than having to change shared account passwords.