What is XDS?

XDS is a service that allows you to reliably and securely store your most crucial business data.

A Problem

It is obvious that a company losing either its ERP system or data is disasterous.

Traditionally, most use some form of local backup: tape, hard disk, CD, or secondary machine. This is a tedious process that is often forgotten, or the backups are physically near the server... with any fire consuming both.

An Idea

We looked for a more reliable and secure ERP backup method, and for years we struggled to find a company who could deliver what we were looking for.

In desperation, we created our own data store, backup, and remote access service, using industry standard technologies, to secure our clients' data.

A Company

We quickly realized that we weren't the only ones who were looking for such a service, that there was huge demand for what we had created.

In 2014, XDS Data Services was formed to provide a secure ERP data storage platform and ERP remote access service.